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    Interworks Wireless provides a secure and robust network across South Africa that provides for reliable connectivity with a 99% operational uptime
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Uncapped Wireless Internet

Stream movies and music, set up your home office, and make sure school projects are A+ with home broadband. You’ll also get full installation and set-up, on-site technical support, and a dedicated manager for account queries.We install an antenna on your roof which connects to our nearest high site and a router in your home to provide you with an internet connection.

Speed (Download / Upload)IP Address  Total Cost
 10 Mbps / 10 MbpsSingle Static IP  R2095 per month
 20 Mbps / 20 MbpsSingle Static IP  R3175 per month
30 Mbps / 30 Mbps Single Static IP R3959 per month 
 50 Mbps / 50 MbpsSingle Static IP R5699 per month 
 75 Mbps / 75 Mbps Public / 30 (4 IP's) R6399 per month
 100 Mbps / 100 Mbps Public / 30 (4 IP's) R8599 per month
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Applies to All Packages

Setup & Installation Fee (12/24 month contract) R3999 / R1999 (once-off) ex vat
FREE-TO-USE Dual Managed Routerworth R1000
Bandwidth Uncapped
 Last Mile Contention 1:1
SLA Next Business Day
No  Fair Usage PolicyUnthrottled/Unshaped
Debit Orders are mandatory
* All services are billed for in advanced
* All prices are excludes VAT at 15% and are valid from 1 September 2020 to 31 December 2020
* Package availability is subject to coverage and network feasibility.
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Benefits of Wireless

Uncapped Data

Uncapped internet refers to an internet package where you never run out of GB. You have unlimited GB to use at your discretion.

No Throttling

Internet throttling is when your ISP intentionally limits your internet bandwidth which slows down the speed of your internet service.

Fast and Reliable

 We provide a fast and reliable internet connection which is a necessary tool for many people's professional and personal lives.

Blended Internet Connectivity

Best of local and international connectivity

Static Public IP Address

Single IP assigned to our basic services

Optimized for Business

Connectivity focused on improving response time 

Clear Voice and Video

Host your conference calls with confidence through our simple and clear conference call service. Conference calls you can count on every time.

Scalable Bandwidth

Scalable bandwidth allow for greater adaptability for a business. We can increase to accommodate the growth of your business as needed.

24/7 Monitoring & Graphing

We remotely monitor, and proactively identify potential system failures before disruptions to critical operations occur.

Always On

Downtime is old school which is why we can include a failover connection as an option

Same-day Service Guarantee

When an issue does arise, we'll start working on it the same day.

Interworks Wireless Internet

What is Wireless Internet?
Wireless internet is an incredibly versatile technology that beams the internet from one of our towers directly through the air into your home or business. The internet is transmitted over radio waves, the same way you listen to the radio in your car, and connects to your WiFi network through a small radio antenna that we attach to your roof.

One of the many great advantages of wireless internet is its reach. Not only does it work well in the city, but it also allows us to connect outlying suburbs, farms and businesses to fast, affordable internet. Without these wireless services, these communities would not have internet connectivity.
Benefits of Wireless Internet?

  • Faster installation times than traditional, serial-based technology or fibre last-mile
  • Fixed pricing, irrespective of distance (within specified regions)
  • Quick upgrades
  • Provides similar security, performance and reliability to that of fixed-line networks
  • Managed and controlled contention ratios provide dedicated end-to-end capacity, with no capacity sharing between customers
  • SLA – guaranteed uptime of 99.5% during a calendar month
  • Availability Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
Wireless Internet Requirements?
  • A desktop line-of-site survey will be conducted first to ensure a clear Line of Sight (LOS) to an appropriate high site
  • A physical site survey (LOS survey) will be arranged if we are unsure about the feasibility due to possible obstructions (mountains, large buildings, trees and vegetation)
  • If necessary, written landlord’s consent to mount equipment will need to be obtained (Landowner’s Consent Form)
  • Router with an Ethernet interface (this router will be provided)
  • 2U of rack space (for the terminating wireless equipment and the router)
How long will it take to get connected?
Up to 3 weeks

Why Choose Interworks?

Price Transparency

We align our pricing with value. All our prices are  displayed upfront with no hidden costs.

Experienced Technicians

The Interworks team provides a depth of knowledge and experience to help you win with your customers.

Friendly Quality Service

We provide service with a smile. Our team offers honest, friendly & trustworthy service to all clients.

Same-day Service Guarantee

Connectivity for your business is mission critical. When an issue does arise, we'll start working on it the same day, even if it requires an on-site visit.

24/7 Business Support

We are here if you need us: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our technical support team is always available to you.

Established Over 10 Years

With more than 10 years of experience we have the best tools in the trade to help you start and/or improve your business.

Feedback From Interworks Clients

The best ISP by far! I've been a client for just over 2 years now and I've never experienced any connectivity issues. When you do get in contact with them, they are quick to assist and their service goes beyond what one would expect. Would definitely recommend Interworks any day!

Sumaria Brand

Google Reviews

I've been a customer for 2 years now. Absolutely loving the service we're receiving from Interworks. They have delivered on their promise to always have 20mb line speed available. Highly recommended

Dawie de Villiers

Google Reviews

I left Afrihost fibre account because they became highly insufficient / forgetful / slow / hard to connect with in all levels of their services (accounts, technical support etc.). I moved to Interworks. I must say so far these guys were highly professional and they deliver what they promised. I have excellent speed, no trottling or shaping. They are quick to reply my phone calls too - this is very important in times when something goes wrong and the time is limited to fix it. Will definitely recommend Interworks to my friends.


Google Review

We have had unbelievable service and functionality from Interworks from day 1 - the installation was efficient, the number porting worked like it should have (always been issues before) and the sales, technical and accounts personnel are super friendly and do what they promise! I am so pleased that we chose Interworks as our fibre provider.

Leo van den Honert

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