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    Stable and supported broadband for business and home users.

Why makes Interworks stand out?

Price Transparency

We align our pricing with value. All our prices are  displayed upfront with no hidden costs.

Certified Technicians

Our customers have confidence in us because our skilled technicians have built a trusted reputation.

Customer Excellence

Our aim is to provide a customer experience which is truly second-to-none.

Fast Response

Throughout our entire process, fast response is a key condition in order to serve our customers well.

Your #1 Choice For Internet Connectivity

Our service is full fibre, all the way to the building. So you get the full power straight from the exchange, delivered at the speed of light. With our incredible speeds, downloading large files and transferring documents becomes a breeze – and will save hours in the day.

Fibre Packages
Wireless Packages

No Throttling

FuP (Fair Usage Policy) refers to capping bandwidth in order to prevent heavy users from filling up available bandwidth. Unshaped bandwidth is when your internet experience is constant and will be fast no matter what the activity is.

Free-To-Use Router Included

High power Dual Band (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) with beamforming and 3 Ethernet ports to get the most out of your Fibre connection.

Up to 1000mbps

Stable and supported broadband connectivity through our technologies. Enjoy good-quality Internet access for private or enterprise users.

Uncapped Data, Talking, & Texting

We also specialise in VoIP services and providing the latest technology products and support services to SME’s. We operate a national agent network who offer local support to our customers. Customers benefit from the centralisation of key customer services like billing, tech-support and admin but always have a local agent to call on for help. We are a customer focused company and leverage technology to ensure our customers have a world-class customer experience.
VoIP Packages

Our Most Popular Services

Fibre Internet

Along with our Fibre Partners, we are able to connect you wherever you are

Wireless Internet

We offer an alternative solution to Fibre should your area not be live yet.

Voice over IP

Phone service delivered through your Internet connection instead of your local phone company.


In order to create and manage a website you must own a domain name and web hosting.

Our Accredited Partners & Proud Suppliers

Our partners play a major role in getting you the internet speed performance you deserve.