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Measure us against our promises.

We are a proudly South African Internet and Hosted Services Provider, driven by offering world-class services in Fibre, Wireless and Voip to Business & Residential users.

You tell us
We know that traits such as integrity, transparency, enthusiasm, passion and efficiency are tickets to the game which should be experienced, not told. But we measure ourselves against these basics and you’re invited to do so as well.

Works for all of us
Understanding the needs and challenges of our clients and our own Interworks team members is central to our business. For us, it’s all about nurturing mutually beneficial relationships.

Our Company

A Cape Town-based company with a in Johannesburg and Durban, Interworks is a licensed internet service provider founded by Byron Ismay in 2006.

Our connectivity solutions are ideal for the diverse needs of our Business and Residential clients. 

Interworks also offers maximum reliability by connecting to the best possible backbones in South Africa. With Capacity from our strategic partners on SAT3, WACS, Eassy and Seacom, our clients enjoy a fast and reliable connection. State of the art network monitoring systems also ensures 24/7 peace of mind.

And we keep moving forward.

A well-established network opened the door to converged services. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is fully dependent on a reliable, stable connection. So adding telecommunications services was a natural extension of our core services.

Interworks has extended the same philosophy that made us a successful ISP into our telecommunications division, creating an outstanding experience.

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